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Water Treatment: Prevent and reduce limescale formation

65% of UK households live in hardwater areas, which means that they will potentially experience limescale buildup in their pipes, damaging heating systems and reducing their efficiency.

Limescale is a breeding ground for bacteria and is a common cause of Legionnaires disease, often harboured in furred up shower heads. Anti-scalding regulations mean that most domestic hot water systems are not sufficiently hot to kill the bacteria, so preventing and removing limescale will not only increase the efficiency of your heating system it could protect your health.

Dubbie has been working as a plumber for over 40 years and has tried and tested almost all of the limescale prevention and conditioning products on the market. However the most effective by far is a simple and inexpensive magentic device that is attached to the water pipes and is quick and simple to install.

As not all magnetic products are the same, Dubbie will only recommend and fit those that he has personally tried and tested.

Simply call Dubbie on 01892 652000 or 07950 035613 to discuss limescale prevention - it could benefit your health and your plumbing and heating systems!.

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